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"Great having an English dermatologist that understood what I required. In addition, offered a inclusive follow up consultation. Great job - I will be back!    "

Botox - great job in Prague
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"Alberto is an amazing dermatologist! He took his time to review my case and then answered all my questions. The procedures were completely painless and quick: he removed a wart, then a mole I had since childhood, and a mesotherapy for some skin coloration in my outer thighs. He also followed up on my case to ensure optimal healing. I definitely recommend him! I already have my next appointment!"

Wart and mole removal + mesotherapy. Definitely recommend
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"My experience with Dr. Leguina-Ruzzi was the best . After 6 dermatologists who only gave me solutions without definitive results, Dr. Leguina-Ruzzi gave me a correct treatment to finish with 2 problems that greatly affected my self-esteem: first my severe acne, and second my rosacea. t The treatment lasted almost 1 year and 7 months, I never had any problem with it, also for my surprise after 14 days I began I started to see effects on my face in a positive way, and at 6 months there was only my rosacea, then at finish my treatment and never again acne has returned and my rosacea is no longer something that low my self-esteem because it is controlled almost 100% Sincerely, my experience with him, was the most optimal at the patient level and at the level of treatment to follow for the cure of my acne."

My experience with Dr. Leguina-Ruzzi was the best
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"m impressed, you can notice the experience at the first moment you talk to him, he takes the time needed to understand what is going on, he's very good listener and explicit on situation and procedure aswell on how to follow up your treatment. The best option, english and spanish.."

Anti aging for English-Speakers in Prague
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