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Comprehensive concept of skin health and beauty.

Beauty is a very subjective idea that dynamically changes in our society. The influence of social media and the digital world has increased the standards of what we consider attractive and now. However, the idea of a healthy skin it has been a constant as beauty ideal.

The truth is that there are no single miracle cream or aesthetic treatment to correct and improve the skin. That is why we first need to understand the physiology of the skin, then the underlaying problem and finally design a unique and comprehensive treatment plan to revert the problems and rejuvenate the skin.

But what is rejuvenate?  It is impossible to take back the chrono aging and is unrealistic to take ages of your skin, however my (out) concept is to reestablish the physiological skin capacities and conditions that are lost during the aging process or in pathological conditions. Based on that the goal is to 1) induce the collagen production, 2) re stablish the hydration, 3) modulate the melanin accumulation, 4) reduce the inflammation and 5) restore the normal vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Chrono and photoaging leads to the main skin problems that most of patients look to correct skin dryness, fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentations, irregular texture, inflammatory rednesssagginess and skin thinning

Additionally, with this approach we can also manage “life signs” such as stretch marksscars (traumatic, post-surgical, acne, etc) and telangiectasias

My methodology of comprehensive skin correction and rejuvenation are based on three aesthetic approaches:

  1. Injectables

The base technique of the comprehensive approach is the Redermalization. This procedure is based on intradermal micro injections of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and succinic acid. It is scientifically proven that this dual effect reduces inflammation, improve circulation, enhance the water balance and induces the fibroblast activity. In addition, to deeper collagen support we can employ Bioestimulation using hyper diluted Calcium Hydroxyapatite or Polylactic Acid at subdermal level.

Most of times, we can combine these techniques with dermal fillers to restore structure and botulinum toxins, to reduce the muscular mobility, improving the dynamic wrinkles. We can also, supplement with specific mesotherapy and superficial chemical peelings to enhance the results.

  • Energy based devices – Laser and IPL

Currently the use of lasers 1064/532 nm (NDyag – Qswitch) and Intense Pulsed Light can attack and correct multiple skin conditions such acne, rosacea, telangiectasias, scars, lentigos, melasma, among others. Nowadays the multiplatform technologies includes in one device the complete set of needed treatments with minimal downtime and high effectivity.

  • Home skin care and healthy lifestyle

My concept of skin home care is minimalistic and simple; multiple products and highly complex routines do not guarantee success. Part of my duties is to educate and guide the patients for an effective regimen to prolong and maintain the results of the aesthetic procedures. It is important to understand that every skin is unique for that reason every product must be custom made selected for the patients need.

Also, it is fundamental to advice the patients of the importance of a healthy lifestyle avoiding the high intake of sugars, fat and nicotine. As part of a comprehensive approach to skin health and beauty we can apply nutricosmetics that are products and ingredients that act as nutritional supplements to care skin, nails, and hair natural beauty.

The skin improvement can be complemented by plastic surgery (blepharoplasty, lifting, etc.) and threads procedures, as a complete treatment plan to enhance and unveil your true beauty.

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