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A comprehensive approach to the acne scars treatment

Currently, the technological advances in dermatology help us to correct acne scars with dramatic results. However, it is important to understand the type of scar and have a comprehensive approach to it. From lasers to microinjections, sometimes we need to combined our approaches to create permanent results.

Acne is an inflammatory condition that affects not only teenagers but also adults. The chronic effect of not proper treatment of the acne leads to scars.

The dermatological consensus categorize el scars in: box car, roller, ice picks and hyperthropic. The etiology of the scars is different and the approach to be taken must be custom made to the issue.  Despite, most of times the patients present a constellation of scars and mix deepness and skin quality. 

Currently my approach is based on 3 principles: release strong collagen fibers that create the “holes’, stimulate the collagen production and a proper circulation and soften the surface of the skin. 

For that purpose I start with acne scar subsicion; in this approach, using a cannula I’m able to release the fibers and apply a collagen stimulative compound to lift the atrophy of the skin.  After it, I use redermalization; micro injections of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid to improve the circulation and close the deep holes that are observed in the scars. I like to finalize the treatment with a CO2 laser resurfacing to soften the skin surface and give a natural homogenous appearance.

Even when this approach seems to be clear and standard, sometimes we dear with scars that are not compatible with this. 

A condition called Vascular Acne, is based on micro accumulations of hypervascularization at the skin, leading to red spots that are not active pimples neither depressions. For those cases, my approach is based on Intense pulse light (IPL), this energy leads to reduction on the vascular lakes and smoothening of the skin. Most of times I combined with mesotherapy to stimulate the normal blood flow and the collagen production.

Also, it is common to find cases in which the scars created keloids. In those, the intralesional injections of corticosteroid are the best option to soften the skin and then smooth it with an ablative laser.

Currently we have a wide variety of options to treat acne scars, the key is to understand the base of the problem to find a real solution to your problem.

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